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Keeping Children Safe at All Saints
The safety of your children is our top priority at All Saints. All staff receive regular training on safeguarding, including Child Protection and the Prevent Strategy, and have been issued with the latest government guidelines on 'Keeping Children Safe in Education'. If you are interested in finding out about these guidelines - search for 'Keeping Children Safe in Education 2015' into any internet search engine.
Some staff have specialist training including 'Team Teach' which helps them to deal with upset and angry children safely; very occasionally this involves safely handling children in order to keep themselves or others safe.
In addition, we follow statutory guidance on staff recruitment very carefully, and all staff, volunteers and others who come into contact with children at All Saints are thoroughly vetted before they start work in school. References are also required for new staff and volunteers.
Children regularly use the internet at school, so we have a high level of filtering and protection to ensure no inappropriate material can be accessed. In addition, all children are taught about the dangers of cyber-bullying and other internet/technology-based risks at the appropriate level for their age.
We do not tolerate racism, bullying or extremist behaviour at All Saints. Any racist and/or extremist incidents are reported to the local authority, and, if necessary to the Police, the anti-extremist 'Channel' programme, social services or other relevant outside agencies.
We have policies on a wide range of safeguarding issues which are currently being added to our school website as they are reviewed and up-dated by Governors.


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These values are summed up in the statement, ‘a united and caring community of learners’."

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